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Meet NERC CIP Compliance Guidelines with ALCEA High Security Locking Solutions


North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance standards obligate utilities with critical assets to take steps to address physical security risks and vulnerabilities. They also require all electric utilities to have a physical security plan and program in place to monitor and manage physical access to protect critical infrastructure. With these standards in mind, ALCEA has created a solution for utilities to meet compliance with its ALCEA’s PROTEC2 CLIQ™ Connect mobile app and PROTEC2Super Weather Proof (SWP) padlocks powered by ABLOY technology.

”Our PROTEC2 CLIQ Connect and high security Super Weather Proof padlocks are the type of solutions that redefine physical access for secured properties,” says Jerry Burhans, North American managing director for ALCEA.

“In many facilities, a manager might have a drawer full of keys and could give them to anybody he wanted. Before the guidelines came into effect, there was no centralized logging, no centralized documentation. To comply with the new NERC CIP standards, it’s important for utilities to define operational controls to track and restrict physical access at their sites.”

To help manage physical access to these sites, ALCEA’s PROTEC2 CLIQ Connect is an access control mobile app that improves a utility’s security and efficiency levels. It gives facility managers the power to control access rights to assigned keys, and an audit trail for both locks and keys. Using CLIQ Web Manager software allows them to update, amend, renew or revoke access rights remotely that saves time.

Mobile workers open the app for updated access permission that is transferred to their programmable CLIQ key via Bluetooth. Lost keys can be activated without the need for mechanical keying.

ALCEA combines intelligent electronics and the highest standards of mechanical locking security with its ABLOY® PROTEC2 Super Weather Proof padlock series. These products pass exhaustive durability tests such as the acetic acid salt-spray test, so they are ideal for use in unprotected locations, such as substations, where the environmental conditions are severe.

”SWP is designed to assure that you have the ultimate protection against forcing, picking and vandalism, and the case hardened boron steel shackles offer true reliability. You realize how strong a product it is when you hold it in your hand,” said Burhans.

Together, Burhans points out these two ALCEA technologies help utility operators secure their facilities, maintain compliance and be prepared for future NERC audits, since audit trails can be pulled any time to find out who keys are assigned to, and who has gained access to key facilities. “This is an invaluable tool for utility operators,” he adds.

For more information, visit ALCEA’s website.