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11 Key Questions to Ask Before You Plan Your Security Solution

Can we “Talk Tech”? Leaders are charged with growing profitability, mitigating risks, and improving productivity, but in the utility space reducing threats to infrastructure is also a key deliverable. Although many methods are available to ensure regulatory compliance, the Security Industry Association (SIA) states, “Perimeter security and access control were cited as key components of protecting utilities’ sites, with video surveillance and other technologies playing important supporting roles.” Securing the border, so to speak, is an area where technology can be an indispensable asset. While...

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Are You Prepared for the Next Attack?

Do you believe the energy sector has become a critical watchpoint because of its unprecedented constant attacks? You’re not the only one. More than 700 documented attacks from 2010 to 2020, ranging from cyber to physical to natural hazards, serve as real-life reminders that leaders in the utility space must remain focused on how best to protect our most vital assets, including information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and SCADA systems for process automation. Do you recall the horrific physical attack in 2013 on California’s critical infrastructure that exposed the extreme vulnerability...

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