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Submit a New Product or Service Release to Utility Security

Contact us to submit your New Product or Service Release to Utility Security

How to Submit your product or service release to Utility Security Magazine/Web:

The preferred method of submission to Utility Security e-mail. Please e-mail product & service releases to the editor. Releases will be reviewed for possible publication in the next available issue, and there is a minimum 60-day lead time. Your product or service release may also be published in our e-newsletter, Utility Security Products and Services. The deadline for submission to Utility Security is two months before the issue date.

Product/Service Release Specifications:
  • Release should be a one-two paragraph description of the new product or service, emphasizing its application in the utility security market.
  • Please provide a company name, address, phone number including an “800” number, for editorial-related questions, Web and e-mail addresses are also required.
  • When submitting more than one release, please indicate the expiration date of each release and your order of preference for their use.
  • Electronic photos are a requirement. Each photo should be sent as a separate file, not included within the press release. Acceptable electronic photo formats include jpeg and tiff with a resolution of 300dpi or higher.
  • There is no charge for running your product or service press release.

Submit New Product or Service Release

Click the link below to submit your new product or service release to US.

Questions? Call 815-459-1796.