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Utility Security

Your command center for all things utility security! From power plant warriors to grid guardians, and even curious citizens, this publication is your essential briefing on securing our nations utilities.

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With the rapid advancement of AI and other technologies, utility customers are going to face increasing and more deceptive scam efforts than ever before. This, of course, means that utility organizations will have an increasingly difficult task of educating and informing customers about utility-related scams they may encounter.  Utility Security magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Curtis Marquardt Jr., […]

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How Situational Awareness, De-escalation Skills & Proactive Response can Reduce Violent Incidents

Rethinking Utility Security for Field Workers

A Conversation with CISA’s Dr. David Mussington About Water-Sector Security Risks, Blind Spots, and Strategies and Resources to Strengthen Security

Threats on the Horizon: The Challenges of Securing the Nation’s Water Utilities and the Strategies to Overcome Them

As I sat down to write this article, the town of Flint, Michigan, popped into my head. For anybody who works in the water sector, the mere mention of Flint is likely to spark mental images of a water crisis, national news coverage, footage of angry citizens, and a glimpse into what the fallout from a water crisis looks like. And while Flint’s 2014 water management fiasco was not borne from the …
Utility Security Expert Jim Willis Begins Our Series on Substation Physical Security with a Lesson on How to Overcome Assumptions at Every Level

Are Assumptions Compromising Your Substation Security?

How many substation security or protection articles have you started reading, assuming the subject was one thing, only to discover it was something else? The problem stems from the fact that there are multiple definitions for substation security and protection: one digital/data, one electrical and another physical. When utility professionals hear “substation protection,” many immediately think …

What is More Critical than Utilities?

“Why launch a utility security magazine?” is a question I’ve heard a few times as we’ve worked over the past year to launch Utility Security. And my best response to that question is to ask this: When you hear the words “Flint, Michigan,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? I would bet…

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