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Frontline Leadership – The Hurdle

Utility Business Media, Inc. publisher of Incident Prevention Magazine is excited to announce the publication of Frontline Leadership – The Hurdle and Frontline Incident Prevention – The Hurdle both written by David McPeak, Director of Professional Development for Incident Prevention InstitutE (iPi).

These books are based on iPi’s popular Frontline leadership training program and are a must read for utility industry leaders. Learn More

Frontline Incident Prevention – The Hurdle

This book is your essential how-to guide on recognizing hurdles and developing effective run-ups to soar over them. You’ll learn how to lead and protect people rather than manage robots. You’ll also learn critical lessons about self-reliance and risk tolerance that culminate in proper application of the hierarchy of controls. Reading and applying the insights from this book will make you, your team, and your organization safer.

iPi have taken it a step further.  You can add The Art of Safety course and downloadable workbook to your experience.  Find out more more about this course – The Art of Safety

Learn to understand, lead, develop, and protect people.

That is the Art of Safety!