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Kate Wade

Kate Wade

Kate Wade is the managing editor of Utility Fleet Professional and Incident Prevention magazines. She has been employed by Utility Business Media Inc. since 2008.

Teton Install

PSS CrashGard Sand Barrel System

PSS CrashGard Sand Barrel System is a non-redirective, gating crash cushion system. Sand barrels are designed to protect fixed objects, whether permanent or temporary, and reduce the likelihood of a vehicle impacting the object, protecting property and potentially saving lives. CrashGard accommodates weights ranging from 200 to 2,100 lb, eliminating the need to purchase and […]

Mobile Sentry

Mobile Sentry is the ultimate platform on which to deploy your Thermal Radar / Hydra system. Capable of providing threat detection and perimeter protection within minutes, our ruggedized platform includes up to four (4) 400-watt solar panels and up to 500 Ah battery storage, a ruggedized computer for a local management of a Video Management […]

The Hydra

The Hydra provides unparalleled 360° detection by combining Thermal Radar with a color and laser/IR-illuminated pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera for continuous and targeted surveillance. When Thermal Radar detects a threat, it sends automatic slew-to-cue commands to the PTZ, providing immediate confirmation and optical identification of the threat. While Thermal Radar continuously scans the perimeter, our sophisticated […]
Thermal Radar™

Thermal Radar™

Thermal Radar™ is a network-based thermal surveillance and detection solution providing constant 360° situational awareness. By rapidly rotating a FLIR Boson thermal sensor and running edge analytics, Thermal Radar™ can be used as a stand-alone detection outpost or the centerpiece of your integrated physical security strategy. The patented Thermal Radar™ GUI integrates with VMS and […]


Ideal for sites desiring comprehensive situational awareness at greater range, EchoShield is a next- generation, software-defined, medium range, pulse-Doppler, cognitive 4D radar operating in Ku-band. Concentrated Tx/Rx modules direct thousands of pencil-thin beams across the wide field of view (FoV) in milliseconds. EchoShield detects and precisely tracks up to 1,000 objects of interest while continuing […]


Echodyne combines patented MESA® technology with powerful software to deliver ESA performance in a compact solid-state format that detects, tracks, and classifies objects of interest on the ground or in the air, regardless of weather or lighting conditions. Operating in K-band, EchoGuard rapidly detects and precisely tracks up to 20 objects of interest, delivering high-fidelity […]

G-Fence 2400 – IP65 Fence Detection Controller

Each G-Fence 2400 – IP65 Fence Detection Controller analyzes up to 2,400 linear feet of accelerometer detection sensors mounted to an existing fence. Each controller can create up to 10 relay output alarm zones, up to 240 API VMS Alarm Zones (integration with Milestone / Genetec / Avigilon / exaqVision / Luxriot), has a relay […]
GAM Software

INTREPID™ Graphic Alarm Manager

Southwest Microwave will be showcasing its new INTREPID™ Graphic Alarm Manager, a dedicated, Windows ® -based, graphic system controller designed to provide local GUI-based alarm monitoring and control of Southwest Microwave INTREPID™ Series II and POE-S intrusion detection systems, auxiliary security devices and CCTV equipment. GAM application software with graphic mapping capabilities offers robust system […]

ScrambleFactor Reader

dentiv’s new ScrambleFactor access control reader blends innovation and security, elevating the Hirsch ScramblePad legacy through its advanced touchscreen display. This industry-advanced ScrambleFactor device supports up to three-factor authentication, including PIN, high-frequency/low-frequency, contact smart card, and biometric methods, catering to high-assurance requirements such as FICAM PIV and CAK validations. With a 4.3-inch LCD screen featuring […]
Movu Robotics

Movu Robotics and PeakLogix Introduce a Dynamic Collaboration to bring easier automation to more warehouses

Lokeren, 27.02.2024 – Movu Robotics, a global leader in warehouse automation solutions that stands out by bringing easier logistics automation technologies to the world’s warehouses, has announced a strategic partnership with supply chain integration partner PeakLogix, an Alta Material Handling company. This partnership means Movu Robotics and PeakLogix can offer the benefits of Movu’s plug-and-play […]