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Security LeadHER Event by SIA & ASIS International Provides Informative Career Growth & Personal Growth Insights to Female Leaders in the Security Industry

With more than 400 attendees attending the event in Phoenix on June 24-25, 2024, the Security LeadHER conference, presented by SIA and ASIS International, is a growing event that reveals a trend toward increased leadership diversity in the security industry. 

“Of all the security conferences I’ve attended in the last couple of years, this one certainly had an energy like no other,” said Curtis Marquardt, Jr., Editor-in-Chief of Utility Security magazine. “The positivity and excitement was consistent throughout both days and it’s outstanding to see the industry embrace diversity in its leadership in this way.”

The event featured a number of impactful keynotes, networking events and breakout sessions that were really focused around personal and career development and growth. Presentation topics included effective negotiation strategies; promoting your own brand; making the shift to senior leadership;using Tai Chi and mindfulness to create inner peace; tips on how to lead with influence and more.

“It was refreshing to see an event really tailored toward looking inward and at one’s career trajectory and getting tools to better both,” said Marquardt. “These topics are just as important as the ones that dig deep into technical information and job-specific tasks because they help leaders achieve greater levels of growth and performance. And now, more than ever, security success depends on human performance.”

It’s an event that is needed more than ever in the security sector.

“The data is all out there and has been for a long time, said Marquardt. “Diverse teams are stronger and perform at a higher level than teams that are not diverse. We know that the threats are growing more advanced and our adversaries are looking for every edge they can get to be more successful. So,the more we can promote a movement toward empowering a more diverse leadership, the better the industry will be at rising to ever-growing security challenges.”

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From the Presentation by Maggi Heyer, Physical Security Director- Americas, EMEA, Seagate Technology:

“Authentic leaders are committed to bettering themselves. Curiosity leads us to better decision making.”

“Often, we have preconceived notions of leadership traits that don’t fit with our own. It takes a lot of energy to wear the mask of leadership with what we think we need to display. If we don’t have a strong sense of self-awareness, we may not even be aware of the masks we are wearing”

From the Presentation Given by Henna Pryor,, 2x TEDx and Global Keynote Speaker, Workplace Performance Expert, Author and Executive Coach, Pryority Group

“Not taking risks today comes at a steep cost. What is required to excel is constantly growing. If we hold steady at what we are already excellent at, we are toast.” 

“Don’t let the potential of your impact be squashed by the paranoia of your ego.”

From the Presentation Given by Lida Citroen, COE, LIDA360:

“Stop deferring! Don’t avoid the opportunity that arises. Raise your hand and believe you are worthy. Nobody is going to raise your hand for you.”

The first step is asking why. Why do you want to have influence? Why do you want to have respect? You have to have courage to look inward and see what is your real motivations are. 

From the Presentation by Melissa Lucid, Senior Manager, GSOC Operations, Sibylline Americas:

“Negotiation is relational. The outdated views that negotiations are adversarial are not accurate. You want to go into a negotiation side by side and work to mutual benefit.”

“Visualize the person who you are negotiating with and try to understand that their “highlight reel” is. If their bosses grill them about why they said yes, what would they say to justify it?”